I’m personally sick to my stomach from people trying to push the narrative that Islam is the religion of peace. Are these people illiterate? Have they not studied world history? Can they even actually read? Throughout history, countless acts of violence and murder have been committed by Muslims. I can remember as if it were yesterday, standing in my Grandmother’s home looking at a newspaper laying on a table. It was about 1947. The headline was about hundreds of people dying in a Muslim uprising. I remember wondering to myself what the heck is a Muslim. I had no idea, but the article frightened me. So much so, that the word Muslim was imprinted in my brain from that day on.

If you’re one of those folks that have bought into that nonsense, maybe, after you look at “statistics of world wide terrorism” on your search engine, you might want to adjust your point of reference. The amount of terrorist activity will sicken you.

Here is the bottom line boys and girls. Islam hates Christians, Jews, and anyone else that isn’t a Muslim. I’m perfectly aware that there are Muslims living in our midst that work every day, and mostly live normal lives. But, make no mistake, if they have to choose whose side they’re on, it ain’t going to be yours.

I want you to think about this; What do you think would happen if a bunch of Christian parents and kids told the local middle school they wanted a room set aside for bible study and prayer? You know damn well what would happen. You would have to peel half the school board off the walls after their screaming fits. Every TV news station coast to coast would carry the story. You know that old rule, that doesn’t happen to be in the Constitution, about separation of church and state. Well, the Muslims in Minnesota demanded that they be given prayer rooms and prayer breaks five times a day in public schools. The schools knuckled under. How many news stations carried that story? What about the church and state crap? Being a Christian now means that you’re worthless, you no longer matter? Why are our leaders catering to these people? The reason is simple, they are just plain stupid, and don’t know they are being conned. I guess everyone bought into Obama’s statement that the United States is no longer a Christian Nation.

There will be people who read this and interpret it as hate. I will guarantee you it is not hate. It is a warning, that there are forces in this world, powerful forces, that want to see you gone if you are a Christian or Jew. Their so called religious doctrine is built on the idea that Islam is supreme. By the way, Islam is a theocracy, it is not a religion by our standards. Sharia law dictates every aspect of a Muslim’s life. Islam is directly opposed to our American Republic which reveres human freedom, and very importantly religious freedom. Don’t be sucked into this lie. Stay vigilant, your lives depend on it.




My fellow Americans, we are living in a truly historic moment in the history of this nation. We literally have Saints walking among us. They are almost Deity but not quite. When Deity appears before you, they are slightly elevated above the ground. These people are just regular Saints. But, make no mistake, they are very special. They have zero faults and are sinless. Imagine being faultless and sinless, that’s really major stuff. What’s surprising is they are suddenly everywhere, thousands of them. This throng of Saints are the ones calling for statues and memorials to human beings to be destroyed. These statues depict people that did great things, but unfortunately, they were sinners, their lives came nowhere near the perfection demanded by the Saints. When the Saints look upon these statues, it causes them great angst. If they happen to walk into the shadow cast by one of these statues, it sears their flesh, like the shadow of a crucifix on a vampire. These Saints have special powers, and their demands must be heard and acted upon. When they demand that a statue or memorial be taken down, the local governments responds immediately. God knows what would happen if anyone resisted, their whole city could be turned into a pile of salt, and the Mayors and City Council cast into the flames of Hell. No one wants to take that chance so they obey

No one really knows when the Saints began appearing in our midst, but it would seem fairly recently. To appease these exalted beings, I suggest a cleansing process start taking place fairly soon. I’m thinking we should give folks a chance to prepare, so June 1st seems like a good start date to me. I’m pretty sure this would take awhile, so let’s make the deadline for completion December 31, 2019. We can start the New Year in Sainthood, along with the New Green Deal.

To make this cleansing complete, we must rid ourselves of anything that reminds us of the lesser beings of our past. We must start anew. This of course means the destruction of all forms of written word except of course Apple instruction manuals, anything written by Steve Jobs, and Google. Consumption of animal flesh must end. All of our currency must have pictures of humans removed and reprinted with animal pictures. All white males in positions of power must be removed and replaced by women of color. All public right of ways that bear a humans name, must be renamed, except MLK. Also airports and buildings, especially John Wayne airport in Orange county. Any Navy ship bearing a presidents name must be renamed. Ford Chevrolet and Cadillac will have to be renamed. Most importantly, all Hollywood films will be on the top of the list to be destroyed. We all know how wretched those people are. CNN and MSNBC will surely be spared, they are avid supporters of the Saints. The people at Fox News could even be burned at the stake, with Jeff Zucker lighting the fires.

To make this cleansing absolute, Republicans must be driven out of all government buildings by force, wherever they may be. That pesky Constitution must be locked away, declared null and void. ICE and DHS dismantled, border enforcement ended, and Barrack Hussein Obama reinstated as the Supreme Leader. It will be Paradise Regained.




What an adorable pair. This picture just makes me feel good when I look at it, unlike the characters that I am about to target below.

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO- CORTEZ: One of my very favorite targets. Most likely because she just keeps saying really dumb stuff. By the way, the guy they caught a couple of days ago with gas cans and lighters inside the Catholic Cathedral in New York, was a professor at Boston University. That just happens to be where Ms. Cortez attended college. Hmmmm. He wants to burn down the church, she wants to burn down the Congress.

MITT ROMNEY: I guess my first comment would have to be, how do you take someone serious, with a name like “Mitt”. I have to say, on the surface he is a amenable character. Having once been a practicing Mormon, for about thirty odd years, I met a lot of guys like Mitt. He has a definite Mormon personality. By that I mean he is soft spoken, eager to say and do whatever it is he thinks, will make you like him. His personality is totally manufactured. A guy like Mitt that has been in the upper echelon of the church for years, will have attained that unmistakable air of sanctimony. Because he has convinced himself that he is special, he will be quick to judge and denounce anyone he thinks falls short of the Mormon ideals. It is obvious that he strongly believes that President Trump is not in that category. This is what is dangerous about that mindset, and largely why I am no longer a practicing Mormon. They can’t see the forest for the trees. Trump may not himself be perfect ( unlike Mitt ) but he is the best person at this point in time to lead the country, and Mitt needs to put away his sanctimonious B.S. and support the president. But poor old Mitt has been putting on airs for so long he feels he needs to reassure everyone that he is not associated with the President. From my perspective, I would much rather spend the day hanging out with the President, than a bland and boring Mitt Romney. ( A fake Republican just like John McCain )

ADAM SCHIFF: I have written about this guy before. He has the most bizarre behavior of anyone that I have seen, that is not currently locked up. When he talks, he looks from side to side and enlarges his eyes, and looks really weird. If his looks weren’t enough, he says things that everyone knows are just out and out lies, yet he persists on repeating those lies over and over. I’m no shrink, but I think this kind of behavior, sort of indicates someone that is borderline, if not full on psychotic. Several of the other congressmen agree, and have strongly suggested that he step down from his chairmanship. Congressman Nadler needs to go as well, he is another full blown nut job.

ILAN OMAR AND RASHIDA TLAIB: How the hell did these two anti American knuckleheads find their way into the halls of Congress? Tlaib is crude and foul mouthed, and Omar is a self proclaimed Jew hater. Both are constantly berating America. Omar recently said she thought maybe she was treated better in the refugee camp. I would gladly donate for her trip back to the camp. Instead of Pelosi stepping up to the plate and calling them out, and demanding proper decorum, she makes some half assed excuse, and blows it off. I have never seen such a sorry bunch in my life. Makes me proud to say ” it’s not my party”. Being an Independent never felt so good.

The old adage has never been truer; “The United States Government, founded by geniuses, ran by idiots”. God help us all. At least they caught up with Michael Avenatti before he was elected to some sort of government position. If he had made it in, we wouldn’t have been able to find him again.



This whole thing of outsourcing American manufacturing jobs really got underway in the late 1980’s. I remember the thoughts that were going through my little pea brain at the time. I remember telling someone that this was a really bad idea. China, back in that period of time was just emerging as an industrial powerhouse, but they lacked the technological “know how” of the US and Japan. I told this person, that US companies would end up being robbed of their technology and manufacturing methods. The Chinese after all were a communist nation, when was the last time you saw a communist play by the rules. Outsourcing widgets and toys are one thing, but outsourcing computers and high end electronics was pure stupidity.

Stop and think about this for about 10 seconds. China and Russia have been in cahoots for years. We fought Chinese soldiers in the Korean war. China could never remotely be considered an ally. China is not, and never has been a free and open society. It’s as far from western civilization as you’re ever going to get. That said, only a greedy industrialist would abandon the American people, and willfully risk the loss of valuable technology to a historical enemy. Which in the end would make that nation more powerful and a threat to our freedom. That my friend is the power of money. Willing to risk the future of your country for the short term gain of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, the jerks that did this will be dead when the fruits of their deeds come to fruition. They sold our nations future.

But, there is another side to this story. To do this, they had to have the blessings of the government. There is nothing more widely known, than the fact that most politicians are for sale to the highest bidder. Don’t ever think the corporations were in this alone. Their lobbyists greased the rails with lots of green backs, and our glorious politicians that we elected to protect our country, were more than willing to sell us out.

Fast forward to 2109. China has stolen immense amounts of technology from American companies that were dumb enough to share it with the Chinese manufacturers. There is no recourse to recoup their losses. What are you going to do, sue them? Good luck with that. We have unquestionably helped China develop their computer technology, and we’re paying for it every time China hacks into one of our systems and steals more information. This whole scenario is beyond imagination, that people who constantly tell you how smart they are, could put our nation in such jeopardy.

Unfortunately, the story just keeps getting worse. The monetary whores that call themselves institutions of higher education, are taking money from China by the bucket loads and enrolling thousands of Chinese students who are in actuality nothing more than spies. Our colleges and universities are a joke. They are a threat to the National Security. Not only do they sell out to the Chinese, they are a constant drumbeat of anti-American diatribe from left wing professors. These institutions should be more closely monitored by the FBI, if they can take time away from spying on political opponents.

Do you get the picture yet? The entire government, business world, and our educational system is being sold to the highest bidder. They are selling their souls to the devil. The love of money and riches, has no loyalty other than self. George Soros and his money, poison the political system daily. The Koch Brothers are also using their riches to tip the scales. The list would take forever to compile. Soros and his minions are desperately trying to silence Tucker Carlson and others at Fox News. There is an old saying that “money is the root of all evil” proves this is nothing new.

One of the biggest monetary whores selling out to China is General Motors. Watch a video on You Tube called”General Motors is becoming China Motors” I will guarantee that you will be stunned if you haven’t seen it. This is the epitome of sleeping with the enemy. You may want to consider this when you are looking at buying a Chevy or GMC product. Pay attention to the corporate coziness with China, and make your purchases accordingly.



These are the kind of white people that I know and hang with. They pretty much mind their own business and focus on their families. I personally don’t know any violent folks, although I have met several in my life from all races including Caucasians. I have lived in four different states for extended periods of time, and have never met a white supremacist. Notwithstanding some white guys with really big egos. I have a bit of an ego myself. I think that’s necessary to some extent if you have a drive for success. So, you’re probably asking where is this all going? Where this is going, is I am curious where these media people and politicians are finding all of these white supremacists. I haven’t known a single one in my 77 years on this planet. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but damn, their numbers have to be somewhere in the neighborhood of one legged geese. I have actually never seen a one legged goose either.

In spite of this, the Democrats are now trying to push the narrative of a brand new boogy man that we all need to be aware of; “THE WHITE NATIONALIST”

They even had a Congressional hearing this week on White Nationalism. It was chaired by the biggest idiot in Congress, Jerry Nadler. The biggest mistake they made was to invite Candice Owen to testify. Holy crap, she dressed those fools down and made them look even dumber than they are. If you didn’t see it, go to Google and type in Candice Owen Congressional Testimony and watch her destroy those dummies. I would have given you a link to make it easier but couldn’t get it to work.

School teachers, college professors, the main stream media, the entertainment industry, just about everyone you can imagine is making the case that white folks are the enemy. What’s hilarious is that a big percentage of the preachers of this horse crap are white. How stupid is that. So obviously, not all white people are the enemy, just some of us. How can you tell us apart, we all look alike to people of color. So, if you’re a person of color, and you’ve been brain washed to hate white folks, and you want to lash out and hurt someone, you might hurt a person that’s actually on your side. This is how utterly stupid the Democrats are. I heard Chrissy Teigen speaking at the Democrat retreat and it immediately became apparent that her bust measurement and her I.Q. are identical.

The bottom line is one that I have expressed over and over. The Democrats are purveyors of lies and hate. That is what they sell. How many people have you seen seriously hurt by left wing demonstrators? Bashing people with clubs and bicycle chains and setting fires, while carrying banners saying “stop hate”. It is the party of absolute madness and deceit. There are a hell of a lot of white democrats. When the race war begins, that they started, they may live to regret their actions.

Stay strong my friends, stay vigilant, expose the liars and haters for who they really are. They’re on both sides of the aisle so keep your eyes wide open. You will know them by their works.



I have to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, but I’m sure you won’t mistake what the images are. Albeit, the roles are now reversed. The descendants of the original colonists are defending the land from the new colonists. Make no mistake, they are colonists, they came in caravans, not boats, but both came under the banner of the mother countries. The immigrant caravans proudly displayed their nations flags while marching.

The native Americans that occupied this land before the English colonists arrived were nomadic for the most part, as well as tribal. They had no form of central government, and each tribe had their own customs and language. There was no means to communicate with other tribes, to alert them of the invaders from across the ocean. All of those factors made it virtually impossible to fend off the settlers.

Fast forward to 2019. The Democrats have been very successful in establishing identity politics. In essence they have turned the American people into a tribal society. The legislative branch of the government is completely paralyzed. The days of Democrats and Republicans being able to reach and agreement is hopeless at best. That is the reason that the Supreme Court is playing an ever increasing roll in lawmaking. It was never intended to be that way, and it is only going to get worse.

So, we have lawmakers unable to act on a very basic principle, that it is, for the Federal Government to keep our country safe and secure. While the idiots in Washington bash each other over the head with ideology, the illegal aliens flood across the southern border. History now repeats itself, the current residents can’t communicate with each other, and the invaders walk right in, and just like the original colonists, you can bet your ass they’re here to stay. If you wish to communicate with your new neighbors, I suggest you learn how to speak Spanish, because these people are here to colonize not assimilate. By the way, the real estimate of how many illegals now reside in the USA is, get ready, over 30 million.