I’ve been paying close attention to the development of robots over the past several years. Robots are extremely fascinating to me, I guess because I have always been a sci-fi nut of sorts. One of the things that I hate about being old, is that I am not going to live to see robots reach their full potential. Once they are able to build an android that is fully autonomous, and has the ability to walk exactly like a human being, it’s going to be absolutely huge. At this point in time, they are building androids that look absolutely like humans. The developers have that part pretty much nailed. But the key is making them walk.

Obviously, the really scary thing about robots is they have no emotions, they do exactly as they are told. The programmers have emotions, so how do you keep the programmers thoughts from contaminating the robot’s brain? Well, you would have to have embedded algorithms, that would automatically cancel any bad information someone attempted to download. Sorta like Face Book. So, with that in mind, will the programmers be required to follow certain political guidelines. What if you purchase a android and you don’t like those guidelines, will you, as the owner, be able to change them. Probably not, the owner may actually instruct the android to engage in violence or hate speech.

The more I think about this, I’m pretty sure that the set protocol, would be that all manufacturers of androids would ship them to Google, void of any artificial intelligence. Google would be in charge of setting all behavioral parameters in androids. Considering Google’s current activities, it only makes sense. Google’s upper echelon have made it clear, they hold the keys to all knowledge, and know exactly what the perfect world would look like. The Silicon Valley will be the Garden of Eden for future generations.

I would wager, if androids were commonly found in homes, they would be listening to your every word, and watching everything you do, and reporting to a central data base. Sorta like NSA. They would be much more effective as they could record video, as well as record your speech. What a great way to control human beings. To make this all seamless, you would have to have an app on your phone. If you left home without your robot, then the phone could communicate your activities while you’re out and about, and the whole program’s complete. Wait a minute, I just realized my phone already does that.

Well the future looks like it may be pretty bleak, with all of the restrictions on speech and personal activities….. Damn, the more I think about this, we’re almost there now. The only thing missing is that lovely robot meeting me at the door in a negligee telling me how much she missed me.


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