These are the kind of white people that I know and hang with. They pretty much mind their own business and focus on their families. I personally don’t know any violent folks, although I have met several in my life from all races including Caucasians. I have lived in four different states for extended periods of time, and have never met a white supremacist. Notwithstanding some white guys with really big egos. I have a bit of an ego myself. I think that’s necessary to some extent if you have a drive for success. So, you’re probably asking where is this all going? Where this is going, is I am curious where these media people and politicians are finding all of these white supremacists. I haven’t known a single one in my 77 years on this planet. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but damn, their numbers have to be somewhere in the neighborhood of one legged geese. I have actually never seen a one legged goose either.

In spite of this, the Democrats are now trying to push the narrative of a brand new boogy man that we all need to be aware of; “THE WHITE NATIONALIST”

They even had a Congressional hearing this week on White Nationalism. It was chaired by the biggest idiot in Congress, Jerry Nadler. The biggest mistake they made was to invite Candice Owen to testify. Holy crap, she dressed those fools down and made them look even dumber than they are. If you didn’t see it, go to Google and type in Candice Owen Congressional Testimony and watch her destroy those dummies. I would have given you a link to make it easier but couldn’t get it to work.

School teachers, college professors, the main stream media, the entertainment industry, just about everyone you can imagine is making the case that white folks are the enemy. What’s hilarious is that a big percentage of the preachers of this horse crap are white. How stupid is that. So obviously, not all white people are the enemy, just some of us. How can you tell us apart, we all look alike to people of color. So, if you’re a person of color, and you’ve been brain washed to hate white folks, and you want to lash out and hurt someone, you might hurt a person that’s actually on your side. This is how utterly stupid the Democrats are. I heard Chrissy Teigen speaking at the Democrat retreat and it immediately became apparent that her bust measurement and her I.Q. are identical.

The bottom line is one that I have expressed over and over. The Democrats are purveyors of lies and hate. That is what they sell. How many people have you seen seriously hurt by left wing demonstrators? Bashing people with clubs and bicycle chains and setting fires, while carrying banners saying “stop hate”. It is the party of absolute madness and deceit. There are a hell of a lot of white democrats. When the race war begins, that they started, they may live to regret their actions.

Stay strong my friends, stay vigilant, expose the liars and haters for who they really are. They’re on both sides of the aisle so keep your eyes wide open. You will know them by their works.


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