This whole thing of outsourcing American manufacturing jobs really got underway in the late 1980’s. I remember the thoughts that were going through my little pea brain at the time. I remember telling someone that this was a really bad idea. China, back in that period of time was just emerging as an industrial powerhouse, but they lacked the technological “know how” of the US and Japan. I told this person, that US companies would end up being robbed of their technology and manufacturing methods. The Chinese after all were a communist nation, when was the last time you saw a communist play by the rules. Outsourcing widgets and toys are one thing, but outsourcing computers and high end electronics was pure stupidity.

Stop and think about this for about 10 seconds. China and Russia have been in cahoots for years. We fought Chinese soldiers in the Korean war. China could never remotely be considered an ally. China is not, and never has been a free and open society. It’s as far from western civilization as you’re ever going to get. That said, only a greedy industrialist would abandon the American people, and willfully risk the loss of valuable technology to a historical enemy. Which in the end would make that nation more powerful and a threat to our freedom. That my friend is the power of money. Willing to risk the future of your country for the short term gain of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, the jerks that did this will be dead when the fruits of their deeds come to fruition. They sold our nations future.

But, there is another side to this story. To do this, they had to have the blessings of the government. There is nothing more widely known, than the fact that most politicians are for sale to the highest bidder. Don’t ever think the corporations were in this alone. Their lobbyists greased the rails with lots of green backs, and our glorious politicians that we elected to protect our country, were more than willing to sell us out.

Fast forward to 2109. China has stolen immense amounts of technology from American companies that were dumb enough to share it with the Chinese manufacturers. There is no recourse to recoup their losses. What are you going to do, sue them? Good luck with that. We have unquestionably helped China develop their computer technology, and we’re paying for it every time China hacks into one of our systems and steals more information. This whole scenario is beyond imagination, that people who constantly tell you how smart they are, could put our nation in such jeopardy.

Unfortunately, the story just keeps getting worse. The monetary whores that call themselves institutions of higher education, are taking money from China by the bucket loads and enrolling thousands of Chinese students who are in actuality nothing more than spies. Our colleges and universities are a joke. They are a threat to the National Security. Not only do they sell out to the Chinese, they are a constant drumbeat of anti-American diatribe from left wing professors. These institutions should be more closely monitored by the FBI, if they can take time away from spying on political opponents.

Do you get the picture yet? The entire government, business world, and our educational system is being sold to the highest bidder. They are selling their souls to the devil. The love of money and riches, has no loyalty other than self. George Soros and his money, poison the political system daily. The Koch Brothers are also using their riches to tip the scales. The list would take forever to compile. Soros and his minions are desperately trying to silence Tucker Carlson and others at Fox News. There is an old saying that “money is the root of all evil” proves this is nothing new.

One of the biggest monetary whores selling out to China is General Motors. Watch a video on You Tube called”General Motors is becoming China Motors” I will guarantee that you will be stunned if you haven’t seen it. This is the epitome of sleeping with the enemy. You may want to consider this when you are looking at buying a Chevy or GMC product. Pay attention to the corporate coziness with China, and make your purchases accordingly.


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