What an adorable pair. This picture just makes me feel good when I look at it, unlike the characters that I am about to target below.

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO- CORTEZ: One of my very favorite targets. Most likely because she just keeps saying really dumb stuff. By the way, the guy they caught a couple of days ago with gas cans and lighters inside the Catholic Cathedral in New York, was a professor at Boston University. That just happens to be where Ms. Cortez attended college. Hmmmm. He wants to burn down the church, she wants to burn down the Congress.

MITT ROMNEY: I guess my first comment would have to be, how do you take someone serious, with a name like “Mitt”. I have to say, on the surface he is a amenable character. Having once been a practicing Mormon, for about thirty odd years, I met a lot of guys like Mitt. He has a definite Mormon personality. By that I mean he is soft spoken, eager to say and do whatever it is he thinks, will make you like him. His personality is totally manufactured. A guy like Mitt that has been in the upper echelon of the church for years, will have attained that unmistakable air of sanctimony. Because he has convinced himself that he is special, he will be quick to judge and denounce anyone he thinks falls short of the Mormon ideals. It is obvious that he strongly believes that President Trump is not in that category. This is what is dangerous about that mindset, and largely why I am no longer a practicing Mormon. They can’t see the forest for the trees. Trump may not himself be perfect ( unlike Mitt ) but he is the best person at this point in time to lead the country, and Mitt needs to put away his sanctimonious B.S. and support the president. But poor old Mitt has been putting on airs for so long he feels he needs to reassure everyone that he is not associated with the President. From my perspective, I would much rather spend the day hanging out with the President, than a bland and boring Mitt Romney. ( A fake Republican just like John McCain )

ADAM SCHIFF: I have written about this guy before. He has the most bizarre behavior of anyone that I have seen, that is not currently locked up. When he talks, he looks from side to side and enlarges his eyes, and looks really weird. If his looks weren’t enough, he says things that everyone knows are just out and out lies, yet he persists on repeating those lies over and over. I’m no shrink, but I think this kind of behavior, sort of indicates someone that is borderline, if not full on psychotic. Several of the other congressmen agree, and have strongly suggested that he step down from his chairmanship. Congressman Nadler needs to go as well, he is another full blown nut job.

ILAN OMAR AND RASHIDA TLAIB: How the hell did these two anti American knuckleheads find their way into the halls of Congress? Tlaib is crude and foul mouthed, and Omar is a self proclaimed Jew hater. Both are constantly berating America. Omar recently said she thought maybe she was treated better in the refugee camp. I would gladly donate for her trip back to the camp. Instead of Pelosi stepping up to the plate and calling them out, and demanding proper decorum, she makes some half assed excuse, and blows it off. I have never seen such a sorry bunch in my life. Makes me proud to say ” it’s not my party”. Being an Independent never felt so good.

The old adage has never been truer; “The United States Government, founded by geniuses, ran by idiots”. God help us all. At least they caught up with Michael Avenatti before he was elected to some sort of government position. If he had made it in, we wouldn’t have been able to find him again.


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