I’m personally sick to my stomach from people trying to push the narrative that Islam is the religion of peace. Are these people illiterate? Have they not studied world history? Can they even actually read? Throughout history, countless acts of violence and murder have been committed by Muslims. I can remember as if it were yesterday, standing in my Grandmother’s home looking at a newspaper laying on a table. It was about 1947. The headline was about hundreds of people dying in a Muslim uprising. I remember wondering to myself what the heck is a Muslim. I had no idea, but the article frightened me. So much so, that the word Muslim was imprinted in my brain from that day on.

If you’re one of those folks that have bought into that nonsense, maybe, after you look at “statistics of world wide terrorism” on your search engine, you might want to adjust your point of reference. The amount of terrorist activity will sicken you.

Here is the bottom line boys and girls. Islam hates Christians, Jews, and anyone else that isn’t a Muslim. I’m perfectly aware that there are Muslims living in our midst that work every day, and mostly live normal lives. But, make no mistake, if they have to choose whose side they’re on, it ain’t going to be yours.

I want you to think about this; What do you think would happen if a bunch of Christian parents and kids told the local middle school they wanted a room set aside for bible study and prayer? You know damn well what would happen. You would have to peel half the school board off the walls after their screaming fits. Every TV news station coast to coast would carry the story. You know that old rule, that doesn’t happen to be in the Constitution, about separation of church and state. Well, the Muslims in Minnesota demanded that they be given prayer rooms and prayer breaks five times a day in public schools. The schools knuckled under. How many news stations carried that story? What about the church and state crap? Being a Christian now means that you’re worthless, you no longer matter? Why are our leaders catering to these people? The reason is simple, they are just plain stupid, and don’t know they are being conned. I guess everyone bought into Obama’s statement that the United States is no longer a Christian Nation.

There will be people who read this and interpret it as hate. I will guarantee you it is not hate. It is a warning, that there are forces in this world, powerful forces, that want to see you gone if you are a Christian or Jew. Their so called religious doctrine is built on the idea that Islam is supreme. By the way, Islam is a theocracy, it is not a religion by our standards. Sharia law dictates every aspect of a Muslim’s life. Islam is directly opposed to our American Republic which reveres human freedom, and very importantly religious freedom. Don’t be sucked into this lie. Stay vigilant, your lives depend on it.


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